BASC Expertise Supports ‘Bras For A Cause’

Deirdre Morhet, owner of BASC Expertise, announced that her business is collecting bras in support of “Bras For A Cause.” The event recognizes survivors and those still in the midst of fighting breast cancer during the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and provides mammograms to women in need.

Bras can be dropped off at the BASC Expertise office in Chandler any time Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm through October 10th. “This is a great cause, so please donate any used bras you may have so women who cannot afford early detection can get a mammogram,” Morhet said.

Morhet was touched by cancer as she explains, “I have had many family members diagnosed with some type of cancer. Some survived and others did not,” adding that, “Drugs to treat breast cancer were also one of the drugs that my late husband’s former company, Innexus, was working on before he started Diomics. Due to lack of funding, the project could not be completed and now this is my way of contributing where he no longer could.”

The bras that are dropped off at BASC’s office will be contributed to Mix 96.9 Mathew Blades’ “Bras for a Cause” collection. For the last three years, the radio station has been involved in “Bras for a Cause” and has donated 96 mammograms to women in need. Donated bras will be given to the Sojourner Center.

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