Meet Our Managing Partners

Deirdre Morhet, M.B.A. , E.A.

Maybe accounting and business finance aren’t rocket science, but Deirdre actually was a rocket scientist! As a child, Deirdre wanted to go to the moon; she was fascinated with space and space exploration. Having lived out her dreams (perhaps not going to the moon – but becoming and working as a NASA Engineer was living out a dream), it’s not a stretch to see how she is now helping others live out their dreams of entrepreneurship.

Deirdre Morhet, founder of BASC Expertise, has developed a sharp eye for how businesses get bloated with inefficiencies, specifically when it comes to cash flow and taxes, and how they can retool into a sleeker, smoother, strategically focused organization. As an entrepreneur who quickly built her own successful business, she helps other business owners set priorities and understand the importance of the financial aspect of their business so they can continue to grow. “Houston, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!”… and Deirdre is always there to make what seems impossible possible.

Her clients have ranged from real-life Astronauts and large construction/manufacturing corporations to Mom-and-Pop retail shops. She has been featured on Arizona News Channel 3, has earned numerous awards for best accounting firm, and was honored with the Sun Devil 100 Entrepreneurial award in 2017, 2018, and 2022.

Deirdre’s expertise includes business financial analysis, tax preparation & planning, business organization, entity structure, and more. She is proud of her designation as an Enrolled Agent.

Although the company was founded in 2004 by Deirdre, she realizes it takes dedicated employees and talent with the same values and beliefs to make BASC Expertise the award-winning business it is today.  BASC Expertise has an incredible Certified staff who are top of the talent pool and are continuously refining their skills. Our core staff is in Gilbert, Arizona.

Kristen Wyne, E.A.

Born and raised here in Gilbert, Arizona, Kristen has perfected the art of taking over-extended naps and pushing off laundry duties while also becoming a knock-off Martha Stewart with her banana bread. She has a huge sweet tooth and can be found in our BASC offices snacking on sweets daily.

Kristen, who was previously in the sales field after graduating from Arizona State University, has transitioned into a knowledgeable and expert bookkeeper/accountant. Kristen completed her Enrolled Agent Status in 2022 – further setting BASC apart from other firms.

You will find Kristen, a proud ASU Alum and a die-hard Devil, rooting on the Devils at football and basketball games all year long. When not at sporting events, you can find her soaking in her favorite tv series, finding new restaurants to try out, and hanging out with her family.

Joanne F McConnell Titow, E.A.

Joanne turned her love of flying, both as a recreational pilot and flight attendant for a major airline, into a well-run tax practice initially serving transportation workers, before expanding her practice to include rental property owners, small business owners as well as overseas taxpayers who need more complex filings including FBARs, Streamline Programs and Renunciation of US citizenship.

With a Masters in Taxation and a BA (English) from San Francisco State University, Joanne started her tax practice in 1993. As a sole proprietor, she has prepared over 10,000 tax returns and successfully handled over 100 IRS audits for clients and non-clients alike over the years, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After 30 years of intensive tax work, Joanne is thrilled to be joining BASC Expertise to lighten her workload and offer her clients improved service and turnaround times for tax preparation, increased product offerings including business entity taxes, bookkeeping and more. Working with Deirdre, a former NASA engineer, and Kristen, a grounded mom, we three have the land, oceans and sky covered for your tax needs!

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