Do you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit – EITC?

The EITC is a benefit for working people with low to moderate income. To qualify there are a couple different requirements that must be met such as:


-you have earned income and adjusted gross income within certain limits; AND

-you meet certain basic rules; AND

you either:

-meet the rules for those without a qualifying child; OR

-have a child that meets all the qualifying child rules for you (or your spouse if filing a joint return).


Other requirements are:

-Valid SSN for both you, qualifying spouse, and child you list on your tax return.

-Approved Filing Statuses: Married Filed Jointly, Head Of Household, Qualifying Widow or Widower, or Single

– Cannot be a Non-Resident Alien for anytime during the year you are trying to claim the EITC.

-Both your earned income and adjusted gross income (AGI) must be no more than indicated in the chart below:


The EITC can have many advantages, but everything should be looked over thoroughly to make sure you are mistakenly claiming a tax credit you aren’t entitled to. Give us a call here at BASC Expertise to get expert advice and we can walk you through this process. 480-355-1398

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