Finding a Reputable Payroll Service Provider

Businesses are overwhelmed with paperwork these days. Employee payroll, insurance, retirement plans, the list goes on and on. And with laws and regulations changing constantly, keeping up with all that paperwork AND staying in compliance with the government can be more than a full time job.

In past years, the solution was to bring in an in-house bookkeeper or two — or for larger companies, create an entire HR department. But the cost involved to hire, train and develop staff to take care of all this is staggering. Not to mention employee turnover – every time an employee leaves your company, you need to hire, train and develop someone new.

These days, the solution for many small and medium sized businesses is hiring an expert – a payroll service provider to handle all these tasks. But how do you know which one to contract with? Here are a few things to look for:

1. A Full Service Payroll Provider: The company you work with should be as close to a “one stop shop” as you can get in the area of payroll and tax accounting. Since all of this needs to be synergized in a way that keeps you in compliance while at the same time putting you in the best tax liability position possible, it only makes sense to partner with someone that understands the big picture.

2. Ease of Use: A good payroll provider will offer as much convenience as possible to their clients. This means easy online processing, check printing abilities, and reports that are readable and easily understandable.

3. Customization: Your business is as unique as you and your staff. So it stands to reason that there are certain functions you need, and others that would simply be a waste of money. Make sure you work with a payroll service provider that understands this, and offers the ability to customize their offerings so you receive only the services you need.

Feel free to contact us to help you find a reputable payroll service provider.

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