Pouring Money into the Gas Tank Means Spending Less on Groceries

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For many Americans there is no room in the budget for more of anything. We’re having to stretch the budget on putting gas in the tank while providing food to our families. It’s a juggling act as we watch gas prices rise. Soon to follow will be grocery prices – the truckers are sure to be feeling the pain at the pump too – which is why we offer these six ways to save money on groceries:

  1. Stock Items: We all have our favorite meals and snacks. It is important for savings to know which products are must-haves for your family; stock up when these items are on sale. Our friend has a closet for her family’s overstock items like toilet paper, paper towels, pasta, sauce, broth and rice.
  2. Study the Weekly Ads: Each week take the ads and your grovcery list and find the best deals. Grab your stock items when they’re at rock bottom prices so you have them when you need them and money is tight.
  3. Brand Loyalty is Out: If you’re going to save money you’re going to learn to buy and use off-brands like generic and store brands. The good news is oftentimes the store brand is the same as name brand – or even better tasting!
  4. In-store Savings: Most grocery stores have loyalty cards that give you an additional percentage off your order or special sale prices. Take advantage of these programs and watch the savings add up.
  5. Coupons are your friend. Whether you’re clipping from the Sunday paper or coupon websites, you need to be using coupons for everything.
  6. Combine store savings with coupons to maximize your savings.

We hope these tips will help your family’s budget balance!

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