Three Steps To Take Now To Plan For Retirement

Retirement planning may not be something you think about when you’re first starting your career. Truly, how many college graduates that land their first jobs understand the importance of contributing to a 401K right out of the gate? They may not understand the importance, but hopefully have someone in their lives that will help them see the need to begin planning for retirement as early as possible.

Making a commitment to your retirement years and to the enjoyment of them takes careful planning and attention to your finances, investments and savings. Here are three tips to help you get started down the path toward a fruitful retirement:

  1. If you work for a company, make certain you talk with the human resource department so you fully understand the retirement plan they have in place, how much you can contribute and how much input – if any – you have in the investments. In many cases, company provided retirement plans have options on where your money can, or will be, invested – make certain you understand the nuances of the plans.
  2. Take time to sit with your financial advisor and take a complete look at your financial situation – assets and liabilities, where you are now, and where you want to be when you retire. Look at a time frame of when you want to retire and map out a plan to get there.
  3. Couples should also talk with their partner to determine what he or she is looking forward to in retirement. Look at your combined resources and retirement savings when you’re making plans for your Golden years.

Consider too that retirement isn’t just about the money. You need to plan now for your health as you age. An enjoyable retirement goes hand-in-hand with being healthy enough to reap the benefits of the money and time you’ve spent planning for the days when you no longer have to punch a time clock.

Your retirement and financial planning will also lead toward the legacy you leave to your children or the charities of your choice; the time to plan is now.

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