Top 21 Websites for Small Business Owners

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Being your own boss or part of a small team probably means you are multi-tasking in different areas of the business. You might be clearing a paper jam from the copier while on hold with a vendor and we have all had those days. Some have had those kinds of weeks or even years and we need a break! As a small business owner whose primary clients are primarily small business owners, we often come across useful information that we like to pass along to our readers.

Here are our Top 21 websites for small business owners.


  1. Word Press is a secure and efficient blog and website manager. Offering a variety of templates for both, they have made it easy for everyone to have a website no matter how simple, creative or both.
  2. Constant Contact offers free trial offers and a variety of classy, professional newsletter templates for business. The most challenging piece of the process is deciding which template and format to use!
  3. Infusionsoft offers Client Relationship Management (CRM) and newsletter tools. While a start-up business may not be able to afford this higher end cousin of SalesForce, it is worth the price when you utilize the training and customer service offered.
  4. MailChimp is a FREE newsletter tool up to 2,000 subscribers. After that it is a tiered monthly fee based on the number of subscribers.
  5. Freshbooks is used by freelancers and small business owners for time and invoice tracking. Put away the stopwatch and get this FREE tool.
  6. Google Docs is FREE online document storage with a collaboration feature making it efficient for collaborative projects.
  7. Basecamp is similar to Google Docs in that are online document storage. This tool also offers task management tracking.
  8. Skype offers video conferencing and calls. It is great when working with clients overseas or in areas with poor cell phone coverage. Best part? It’s FREE!
  9. Yammer is a free private social network similar to Twitter. Target audience is small business or remote colleagues.
  10. Go To Meeting offers users the ability to record meetings, work collaboratively and utilize presentation materials. It brings everyone together in an online, secure meeting space.
  11. Vistaprint is the ultimate savings for penny pinching businesses. Free and nearly free products are offered and change almost daily. They offer everything marketing from business cards to mouse pads to websites.
  12. Inc. Magazine is a fun and informative resource providing tips, tricks and information designed for small business owners.
  13. Entrepreneur Magazine is a sort of Inc. for entrepreneurs focusing on start-ups, marketing, technology, money and growth.
  14. Sales MOMS Direct Sales is targeted to female owners of direct sales businesses as the name suggests. If you’re in sales, take a peek at the hundreds of articles, blog posts and resources available.
  15. Quickbooks Online – You know we wouldn’t forget to talk about our favorite software for small business owners! The software is now available online for a monthly fee and we recommend it to our clients on a regular basis. Expense tracking and report generation are just two of the awesome features of this application.
  16. Small business trends sends daily emails to subscribers highlighting current news of interest to small businesses on a variety of topics.
  17. We had to mention this one too! The IRS provides a plethora of articles, tips and guidelines for everyone. Their search feature is one of the best considering the amount of information on the site.
  18. or a similar website for your area is valuable especially for those seeking clients or customers. Networking meetings are posted and you can RSVP right on the site without needed an invitation from someone in the group.
  19. LinkedIn is important for EVERYONE! It is your online commercial, marketing, advertisement. This site is also your online resume complete with references for prospective and current clients. Trust when we say they will look for you.
  20. Chambers of Commerce national and state websites provide information about chambers and meetings in your area. Chambers are a great networking resource.
  21. BASC Expertise We wouldn’t forget the best site of all – ours! We offer a FREE online monthly newsletter, free financial resources, small business bookkeeping and tax preparation and high level customer service.



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