Top Ten Online Business Resources

How many times have you said “now where did I see that” to yourself? If you’re like us A LOT! In today’s digital world we are inundated with information and tips. From personal finance to business marketing and social media to local deals, there are many resources.

  1. As an acocunting firm we’re always going to recommend the IRS website and the IRS 2012 Tax Tips:,,id=104608,00.html.
  2. Small business owners and individuals enjoy our blog filled with a variety of tips and local resources:
  3. Our monthly newsletter is packed with general business tips that can be shared with your contacts across the country:
  4. You’ve heard us talk about trade and barter as a way to build business. We’re part of Tradesource and recommend their informative blog:
  5. Gilbert Chamber of Commerce is an active part of the community with weekly events and workshops as well as a guide to local businesses
  6. Mesa Chamber of Commerce is also active in bringing local partners together and can be found at
  7. Looking for marketing tips? Check out 23 Kazoos:
  8. Fiscally Sound Personal Finance offers a wealth (pun intended) of information and tips for finances and family::
  9. Great deals are offered every day by locally owned and operated Hometown Buyz:
  10. Local Dines Phoenix offers daily deals on local eateries and can be found at

We look forward to hearing your favorite online resources so we can add to our list!

BASC Expertise is a Mesa, AZ based provider of accounting and tax services to individuals and small business owners. We are currently accepting individual and business tax preparation clients as well as clients for our accounting services and payroll divisions.


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