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Mileage Tracking for Tax Deduction

Every business owner, no matter how small, must keep good records. But whether it’s tracking of mileage for tax deduction, documenting expenses, or separating personal from business use, keeping up with paperwork is a seemingly never-ending job.

No matter how good your intentions are in January, the chances are good that by now that paper mileage log is looking a bit empty. Even worse, you could be avoiding tracking your mileage altogether–and missing out on tax deductions and credits that could save your business money at tax time.

The good news is that there are a number of phone applications (apps) that could help you track those pesky business miles. Most of these apps are useful for tracking and reporting expenses, mileage and billable time. They use GPS to track mileage, allow you to track receipts, choose the mileage type (i.e., business, personal), and produce formatted reports that are easy to generate and share with your CPA, EA, or tax advisor.

Here are three popular apps that help you track your business mileage tracking for tax deduction (and more):

1. TripLog – Mileage Log Tracker

Works with: Android and iPhone

What it does: Tracks vehicle mileage and locations using GPS

Useful Features:

  • Automatic start when plugged into power or connected to a Bluetooth device and driving more than five mph
  • Reads your vehicle’s odometer from OBD-II scan tools
  • Syncs data between the web service and multiple mobile devices
  • Supports commercial trucks including per diem allowance, state-by-state mileage for IFTA fuel tax reports, and DEF fuel purchases and gas mileage

download here:

2. MileIQ

Works with: Android and iPhone

What it does: Keeps track of mileage for business or personal use

Useful Features:

  • Budget-friendly automatic mileage tracking
  • Easy to categorize trips – swipe right for business trips; swipe left for personal trips
  • Ability to create customized weekly mileage reports
  • Premium Office 365 subscribers can log unlimited drives every month.

Download Here:

3. Hurdlr

Works with: Android and iPhone

What it does: Tracks mileage, as well as expenses and income streams

Useful Features:

  • Tracks business mileage using auto start and stop
  • View real-time finances, profits, and tax savings
  • Links to financial accounts, PayPal, Uber, and others
  • Creates financial reports and spreadsheets you can send to your CPA
  • download here

If you have any questions about using apps that track business mileage or need help choosing the right one for your business needs, don’t hesitate to call.


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