12 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business

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As the economy continues to change so does technology. It seems a new app is being released daily that will make us more efficient or better at something. I often laugh at the irony of having so many apps to check that I don’t have any time for anything else. Before you get lost in the sea of apps that are available for smart phones, consider these 12 mobile apps to help your business:

  1. IRS – Yes, there’s an app for that! In January 2011 the IRS unveiled the IRS2Go app where taxpayers can access their tax return status and other tax related information.
  2. Calendar – Know where you are supposed to be and your schedule for the days and weeks ahead at the touch of your smartphone screen with any number of calendar apps including Google Calendar and others.
  3. Payment processing – If you’re running a retail business you need an app to process payments. The iPhone Square is among the most popular and easiest to use.
  4. Card Munch: No longer do you need to carry around business cards of every business contact. Utilize Card Munch or any one of many mobile CRM apps. Take a picture of a business card with your phone and it is entered into contacts. It’s that simple!
  5. Google Apps Browser: This is perfect for any business owner especially if you’re always on the run. This app provides the ability to read any document anywhere, anytime along with a variety of other options. If you’re going to have one app, this is it.
  6. Foursquare: Support local business when you check in for your B2B meetings.
  7. Total Recall or any number of other voice recorder apps. If you’re stuck in traffic or walking to or from a meeting and a great idea hits, you can record your voice without missing a step.
  8. Mileage Tracker is just one of many apps that can help track your mileage. Simple and easy to use these apps utilize GPS and a quick entry from you; no longer do you need a mileage notebook!
  9. Freshbooks is one of the best tools for independent contractors to track time spent on a task or project. The best part? You can invoice right from the app or website!
  10. xpen$er provides tracking of mileage, expenses and time in just one app! Perfect for the entrepreneur on the go this app is many of the ones we have mentioned rolled into one.
  11. Expense tracking: This article provides a variety of apps for tracking expenses: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/category/69/?lang=en. No matter the phone or mobile device, there’s an app for you.
  12. Screenr is one of the best kept secrets for business apps. Users can record whatever is on their screen combined with their voice for a short presentation for playback on the mobile device or computer.

We can’t wait to hear your favorite apps!

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