5 Business Functions to Consider Outsourcing

Outsourcing Your Homework
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As a small business, we understand the variety of decisions that need to be made by business owners. You may be responsible for non-core functions such as marketing, hiring, payroll, accounting and recruiting. These activities can be overwhelming and also take focus away from the mission of the business. At BASC Expertise our mission is to support growing businesses in Arizona by providing a variety of services. Through partnership with us, business owners can focus on the mission and core functions of their business. We offer a variety of services including small business accounting, tax services, payroll and marketing and recommend consideration for outsourcing recruiting.

1.      Small business accounting includes a variety of tasks. Tasks include reconciling bank accounts, generating balance sheets and income statements, cleaning up general ledger. Reports can be provided monthly or quarterly depending on the needs of your business. Not sure how to track business income and expenses? We offer Quickbooks services as well as unlimited consultations so you understand the financial information we are providing.

2.      Tax services are provided to businesses and individuals. Why spend time on tax preparation when you can have a trusted tax professional prepare them for you at a reasonable cost? We would be happy to sit with you for an initial consultation to determine if outsourcing tax preparation is right for your business. Tax reference tools and information are available on our website for your reference.

3.      Payroll services are another service we offer and recommend small business owners outsource. There are complicated laws and tax codes to research and understand before processing payroll and paying payroll taxes. Reduce the need of your business to have a specialized employee on staff to process payroll. We are the payroll service experts who can offer accuracy in accounting and peace of mind so you can focus on the core functions of your business.

4.      Recruiting is another service that while we don’t offer it we recommend outsourcing. In a recent survey of HR experts, 65% believed recruiting and payroll were functions that should be outsourced. Not only that but that it was the norm to have these functions outsourced. As with payroll, why hire a recruiting specialist to your staff when there are recruiting companies available for that function? Weigh the cost of a recruiter on staff against the cost of an outside consultant before making your final decision.

5.      Marketing & Social Media Management can also be outsourced to professional consultants. Working with consultants you can create a company brand and space for your business in the marketplace without having a full-time marketing person on staff. The cost vs. benefits can be incredible when you find the right consultant.

When deciding to outsource functions it is important to not only include the cost of salary but also benefits. It could be to your financial advantage to outsource. Please contact us for a consultation; we look forward to working with you.

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