7 Reasons to Use Trade or Barter to Grow Your Business

Grow your small business

You’re probably already doing business on trade. You help your friend move and they pay you in pizza and beer. You put a colleague’s monthly newsletter together for movie passes. Have you considered joining a trade group like Tradesource Barter to grow your business? You should for the following seven reasons:

  1. Expand your referral network by networking with other small business owners.
  2. Sell your services on trade and spend trade dollars on services your business needs like social media management, website development, blogging and marketing.
  3. Support local businesses when you buy products and services through the network of businesses in your trade group.
  4. Established businesses utilize trade to grow their network of clients and colleagues. Trade clients refer cash clients and your business grows.
  5. Treat your clients and prospective clients to lunch at trade group partners. Pay cash only for tax, tip and alcohol.
  6. Low cost advertising of your business through your trade group website and newsletters.
  7. Pay employee bonuses with trade dollars. No cash outlay and you reward employees.

BASC Expertise has been a member of Tradesource Barter for a number of years and love being able to help small business owners with their accounting on trade.

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