8 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service for Small Business

As entrepreneurs we’re often juggling many tasks which can lead to a decrease in business. Most often we are not providing the level of customer service that initially brought our clients to us. This is something to be avoided. At BASC Expertise we’re always looking to fine tune our office procedures and staff to offer the highest levels of service for our clients. We understand we’re not the only small business accounting services firm in Mesa or the East Valley which is why we set ourselves apart.

Here are eight tips for exceptional customer service for small business:

  1. Pay attention to your online reputation. Responding to client concerns and kudos on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is key to client retention.
  2. Return calls and emails. If you’re waiting more than a business day to set an appointment with a prospective client you have probably lost that line of business.
  3. Underpromise and overdeliver by setting deadlines and results you know you can exceed with minimal resources.
  4. Be on time for meetings. The only thing worse is to forget the meeting.
  5. Listen to the needs of your client and be honest about what you can deliver.
  6. Trust your instincts and say no if a prospect isn’t a good fit for business.
  7. Say yes whenever someone asks you to publicly speak. Figure out what you’re going to say later. Public speaking is one of the best ways to grow your busines.
  8. Networking with other business owners and within your community will yield leads and referrals.
At BASC Expertise we try to live these tips each day. Here’s to your business growing!
BASC Expertise is a Mesa, AZ based provider of accounting and tax services to individuals and small business owners. We are currently accepting individual and business tax preparation clients as well as clients for our accounting services and payroll divisions.
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