8 Traits of Entrepreneurs

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At BASC Expertise we have the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs.  We have identified eight common traits of successful business people:

  • Risk takers: Failure is not an option for  entrepreneurs.  In fact they don’t call it failure only that they learned from experience and moved ahead.  Risking time, energy and resources, they strive for their goals.
  • Proactive: Entrepreneurs are not the people who sit around and wait for life to happen. They make life happen. They know the top trends in their field and study successful people to understand what is needed to achieve their dreams.
  • Willing to work long hours for little or no pay understanding the risk far outweighs the reward.  They understand they must work hard and put profit back into the business to make the business grow.  Entrepreneurs are working for long term stability and satisfaction not a paycheck every week.
  • It takes money to make money. Entrepreneurs are investors. They understand the value of taking on debt to make a project happen.  They should also consult with a trusted business advisor such as BASC Expertise to understand the risks and leverage their knowledge of investments and debt.
  • Quickstudy: A quickstudy is defined as, “[some]one who is able to memorize something easily and quickly or is able to understand and deal with something easily and successfully.” That is also a trait of the entrepreneur.  Mistakes are going to happen and they understand mistakes to be opportunities to learn and grow themselves and their business.
  • Responsibility for their actions:  As founder of a company and leader of the business, there is no passing the buck. The owner is responsible for everything that happens. Entrepreneurs will take the hit in the pursuit of their vision and goals.
  • Driven to succeed:  Entrepreneurs dream big, think big and make big things happen.  They have unmatched drive and ambition and are rarely satisfied with the status quo. Successful business people always believe there is room for improvement and they don’t stop until they reach it.
  • Great Leader is a trait shared by successful entrepreneurs. They have skills and personality to inspire others to see their vision and want to make it a reality.

Our clients who are entrepreneurs are armed with enthusiasm, drive and the desire to succeed.

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