Cloud Accounting: Desktop QuickBooks vs. QuickBooks Online

When you choose a piece of accounting software to manage your business’ finances, you have more options than ever, and your choices now include digital accounting systems. With QuickBooks services from BASC Expertise, you get access to QuickBooks in the cloud, which differs slightly than what you may expect with a desktop version of the software.

The Differences between Desktop and Online QuickBooks

The primary divergence is in how the programs are accessed, as their names imply. Desktop QuickBooks is software that you install directly to your home or office computer and access from that one location. Utilizing online QuickBooks, however, means accessing software that is installed on a secondary location; your entrance into the program is typically granted through a password protected portal that allows you to open and work in the program.

Online QuickBooks provides the flexibility of doing work on just about any internet connected device, including tablets and smartphones, while a local, desktop version of the software would only be accessible if a user was sitting at that particular computer. QuickBooks online frees business owners to manage their company’s finances from anywhere that their job might take them.

While QuickBooks desktop version allows you to add-on special services, such as back-up, extra security features, and other automatic synchronization, utilizing QuickBooks in a hosted environment allows for more of that seamless integration and updating by default – no extra fees are necessary tack on these features.

QuickBooks Online Benefits Both User and Accountant

Particularly  useful for QuickBooks services at our office, the online version of the program lets our accounting team see everything that you see in real time. No more manually sending reports or having to troubleshoot a system that your financial professional cannot access. When our team accesses your QuickBooks information, everything we need to assist you in better managing your finances is available to us. We can pull reports, solve problems, and guide you through working out any kinks in your current system.

Ask our Mesa Accountant about QuickBooks Online

If you have questions about how QuickBooks in the cloud can work for you, call our office today for more information.

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