Gift Giving In The Workplace: Hints and Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and as an employer you may be wondering, “What is an appropriate gift for my employee?”  “How much should I spend?”  “Do I spend more on my personal assistant than I do for the line worker?” or “Are the gifts tax deductible?”

To make the gift-giving season less stressful, here are a few thoughts on items that your employees will appreciate:

  • Personalized gifts: These gifts show you put in additional thought and effort and can range from a key fob, a monogrammed pen and pencil set, a business cardholder, personalized golf balls or tees, or money clip.  The gift does not need to be extravagant.
  • Food, gift baskets, or alcohol: If you know an employee has a weakness for fine chocolates, teas, or loves microbrew beer, order a gift basket to feed that appetite.  Do you have an employee that spends his or her time reading on lunch breaks?  Put together a gift basket of books, gift cards, and even a book light or neck pillow.
  • A gift card or gift certificate: Gift cards can be purchased in various amounts and from various retailers.  If there is a new restaurant in town, purchase a gift certificate for a dinner for two.  Present the gift card or certificate with another small ticket item that relates to the certificate or card.  Present a certificate for a pampering day at a local spa or certificates to a hair salon that the employee frequents.

Avoid presenting your employee with a company “logo’d” gift item.  A gift, whether it is during the holidays or another special occasion, should not be work-related.  Also, ask your accounting professional whether the gift you give during the holidays is tax deductible and if there is a price limit on those gifts in order to be tax deductible.

For employees that receive the gifts, do not forget to write a thank you note.  Even though you see your employer on a daily basis, a hand written thank you note mailed to his or her home will be a gesture long remembered.

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