How to Select an Accountant

As a business owner or individual it is important to know, like and trust those with whom you do business. You don’t recommend a movie that you haven’t seen just the same as you wouldn’t recommend a service provider that you haven’t used. At BASC Expertise we understand small business accounting, payroll and bookkeeping. We understand outsourcing money matters requires working with a team that can be trusted.

Getting from “I am going to outsource my business accounting” to finding an accountant your trust with your money may take some time. We offer the follow tips for selecting an acocuntant that is right for you:

  1. Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues
  2. Interview the prospects before making a decision
  3. Understand the specialties of the accounting firm to know if it is a fit for you and your business. A direct sales businessperson needs a different accountant than a corporation, for example.
  4. Understand your accounting needs: Maybe you need a personal accountant mainly for tax season or a bookkeeper and business accountant. It will be easier to select an accountant if you understand what and who your need.
  5. Ask questions that matter to you so you find the best fit

Oftentimes service oriented businesses like accountants offer a complimentary initial consultation like we do here at BASC Expertise! Schedule your post-tax season consultation today by calling 480-355-1398.


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