9 Money Websites to Change Your Financial Outlook

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In today’s fast paced world it is often challenging to sort through information presented to us, especially financial information. At BASC Expertise we pride ourselves on helping our clients secure a sound financial future and offer the following nine money websites that can change your financial outlook.


  1. Quickbooks: As a small business client you already know we recommend Quickbooks to track business finances. Did you know Quickbooks is available in an online, scaled down version for individual households? Users can link live to financial institutions they designate. While there is a monthly fee, the online version eliminates the hassle of purchasing software every couple of years. In addition, banking and investment information is automatically updated and balancing the account is more efficient than the pencil and ledger days.
  2. Budget101.com offers readers money saving tips and tricks through their blog posts, frugal living articles, homemade gift ideas and more. No matter the household income, this site can help you pinch pennies.
  3. MSN Money provides comprehensive financial information from stock quotes to personal finance tips to career advice. They also offer Bundle’s Money, an online program that tracks income & expenses and provide data of where money is spent. Of note is the household spending feature which provides data on spending habits of residents in your zip code so you can compare your spending to that of your neighbors. Overall this website is a great reference tool.
  4. Yahoo Finance is, as the name indicates, finance focused. Stock quotes and links to financial news are clearly marked on the landing page making for easy navigation. If you want to check stock prices and be in-the-know about current financial news, this is a good resource.
  5. CNN Money offers the best topics from each of the two previous websites. Offering stock quotes and market updates, retirement & personal finance tips and technology news. This site has what the others don’t have and that is a link to the latest information from Fortune Magazine, a leader in business news and reporting. It’s like getting two for one financial news websites.
  6. Bank websites have come a long way in the last 15 years. With the growth of the internet and mobile applications, banking has never been easier. From the online account access and online statements to real time balances via text, the paper bank statement nearly obsolete. With the introduction of scanning and depositing checks via mobile app, the brick and mortar bank may go the way of VCRs and video stores.
  7. Bankrate.com provides a wealth of information on bank rates and is as their tagline states, “Comprehensive. Objective. Free.” They also provide mortgage and other calculators, blogs and financial news.
  8. A Mint.com reviewer summarized the site as, “Simply amazing. This is exactly what each bank should actually be offering these days.” This FREE website offers online account tracking, ways to grow your money and something the others don’t advertise: budgeting and debt pay down plans.
  9. You didn’t think we would forget to mention IRS.gov, did you? Rather than referencing third party sources for tax information, go right to the source. The search function on the site is complex in design and simple in use-ability.












Understanding your business or personal finances is important to you success. We are here to support you and answer questions and look forward to working with you.



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