The Celebration of American Women Business Day

September 22nd marked the American Women Business Day as a day, which celebrated the achievements of women in business. As a woman-owned business, BASC Expertise understands that any women can achieve success in business with the proper education, on-the-job training, and relevant skills. In many areas of the job market, female entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with and are valuable in the business world. Women can use their creativity, intelligence, and talents to move into many areas of business ownership, which were once male-dominated.

Women are taking more control of their own business endeavors and have become more active in their business communities. The impacts of women-owned businesses on the economy and communities are as follows:

  1. Women have an innate perfectionist mindset and are dedicated to making their business endeavors a success.
  2. Women tend to be more diligent than men are with pursuing success because they believe they need to “try harder” to compete.
  3. Women are natural consumers and women-owned businesses help maintain the flow of capital in the economy.
  4. Women inherently are more social, which serves them well in business networking. It also helps them forge and maintain relationships with clients, staff, and colleagues. Women are also more willing to ask for help and seek outside aid.
  5. Women have better problem solving skills and are accustomed to creating compassionate relationships. This skill set helps immensely when working with clients.

The secret to success with women-owned businesses is the ability to juggle many tasks and strive toward successful outcomes. Women routinely bring these skills to the businesses they run.







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