Tips to Organizing a Home Office: The Space, Desk & Environment

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Whether you are a business owner who works from home or a remote employee, we understand the challenge of creating productive home office environment. Oftentimes we are tending to business and organizing the office is last on our list. While the physical office cannot make money for your business, a disorganized dungeon with fluorescent lights can significantly decrease your productivity and thus profits. We offer tips for your home office space, desk and environment that will increase productivity and profits.

The Space

  • For tax purposes it is recommended to have a separate office for business where all work-related equipment is housed. This includes copier, phones, computer that are used exclusively for business.
  • Room with a door and signage indicating open/closed or office hours. A friend opens her office door for office hours and closes it at the end of the day when she is done and we like that idea. Leave the work phone charging in the now closed office and enjoy time with family and friends.
  • Go Green: There are many ways you can green your own office. Using LED lights will save energy and money. Recycle paper. Did you know in some cities you can recycle shredded paper? If your city is not one of them, recycle what you can. Going as paperless as possible is also a great way to be green in your office.
  • Green money saving tips: Are you using separate fax, copier and scanner/printer? Trade them in for one scanner/fax/copier/printer to save space, energy and money. Energy star desktop or laptop computers are a great way to save money on electricity. In addition to being green, the energy star laptop saves space and can be brought to meetings outside the home office.

The Desk

  • Minimalist desk: Gone are the days of desks that take up the room and have more shelves than a library. Laptop usage, combined with the paperless revolution, has created a minimalist or mobile workspace for many people. The executive style desks of the 1980’s have been traded for convenience and simplicity.
  • Less is more: The trend continues to the desktop where overflowing drawers or bins of pens, pencils and paper have been traded for smartphones with apps to track to do lists, meeting notes and projects. A filing cabinet or bins can be used for paper and files, a few pens or pencils in a cup on the desktop will keep your space looking clean.
  • Keeping the desk organized begins with the computer. Do you have a flat screen monitor? If no, we recommend getting one. Not only is it space saving, the resolution is better for your eyes. Consider investing in a laptop that takes up less space or even stored in a desk that closes.

The Environment

  • Room with a window: Working in a dungeon is not fun for anyone. Selecting a room with sunshine will create a healthier space for you. You won’t feel like you are trapped in the office and the sun will keep you in good spirits even on the most stressful of days.
  • Air circulation: Using desktop or ceiling fans will help keep the air fresh and circulating. The result? You will be alert and refreshed throughout the day.
  • Consider house plants in the office as they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and absorb pollutants. In this day of increased indoor air pollution it may be worth your time and effort to have a few plants in the office. Air cleaning houseplants that can be easily grown and maintained include aloe vera, ficus and spider plants.
  • Music is a wonderful way to stimulate the brain and block out noise from other areas of the house. Remember to turn down the music when you are on a call with a client or prospective client so you are not distracted.

We hope this somewhat non-traditional home office organization list will help you create an environment in which you and your business can thrive. Take it one step at a time and let us know how it has changed your business.

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