Top Six Picks: Mobile Apps that Save You Money on Gas

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As an accounting business we’re always interested in the bottom line. Numbers are our business and we are always looking for ways to help save our clients money. Whether finding affordable ways to spend time with the family, saving money at the grocery store or saving money at the gas station.

Today we’re sharing our top six picks for mobile apps that save you money on gas:

  1. GasBuddy: One of our favorite websites for finding the best gas prices in the United States and Canada, we liked the website. We were excited when they released the mobile app. Sometimes we’re too busy to check a website so with a click of an app we can find the cheapest gas anywhere. The negative is that gas prices are reported by users though we have found most to be accurate. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.
  2. AAA TripTik Mobile:  This FREE app takes AAA to a whole new and amazing level. Gone are the days of paper maps and triptiks of my youth. This app includes everything needed for a roadtrip: maps, directions, AAA approved hotels and restaurants, voice navigation, gas station locations with current prices. Available Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.
  3. Gas Price Forecast: Boasting 90% accuracy this app predicts future gas prices so you never miss a chance to buy cheaper gas today. We’re not as excited about this one as others and look forward to your feedback.
  4. SmartFuel: On the surface this looks like just another mobile app to find cheap gas nearby. What sets this app apart from the competition is the consideration for the cleanliness of the gas station and the safety of the surrounding neighborhood. RVers can spend a fortune on fuel and are loving the safety and cleanliness feature. Gas prices are not based on reports from users but from the more reliable gas price databases. Price: $2.99 after a month of free service – totally worth it!
  5. Fuel Finder: With mixed reviews this app is ripe for improvements. Search by zipcode in the United States and Canada. Prices are based on information from users. This app has potential and room for improvement.
  6. Cheap Gas! This app is Gas Buddy’s cousin deriving their prices from Gas Buddy. What sets this app apart is the mapping feature to help users find cheap gas. It doesn’t provide turn by turn directions which would make for a better app.

We look forward to hearing how you’re saving money on gas!


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