Vacation With The Family On A Budget

School will soon be out for the summer and with all that free time comes family vacations, right? In the past, vacations might have been a given, but with the economy being as sluggish as it has and with the price of gasoline, your family vacation might not be what it used to be. There are ways to take a family vacation that will be both fun and memorable, and you can do it while on a budget!

While many Arizona families may make do with a “staycation”, with careful planning and without breaking the bank you can still take a family vacation and stay within your budget. If it seems impossible this year, make certain you start saving now for next year’s vacation. Why not put all of your loose change in a jar and designate it as your family vacation fund? You’ll be surprised at just how quickly the money will add up.

A vacation doesn’t have to mean trekking cross country – whether by car or plane. You can plan daily, local excursions and may even uncover hidden vacation treasures right in your city’s backyard. Here are some vacation ideas to consider:

  •  Go camping. This is usually a budget-friendly option, especially if you already have camping gear or can borrow it from a friend or family member.
  •  Check the newspapers for free or low-cost activities. You will likely find museums, attractions or even baseball games that will make for a fun, low-cost day out. Consider a hiking trip, visit to a theme park or a historical site.
  •  Eating at restaurants is typically one of the most expensive parts of a family vacation. Pack a picnic lunch. Let each of the kids choose what they’d like for their picnic lunch and then pack snacks and treats for the drive to and from. Be creative with your vacation treats to set the day apart from a typical meal at home.
  •  Plan a trip with another family as a way to help cut costs.
  •  Consider joining a barter association such as Tradesource; this is a great way to save your cash for crucial items while vacationing on trade.
  •  There are vacation spots that offer coupons and incentives to lure visitors. Take advantage of all of these to lower the price of your vacation.
  •  Rather than planning a whole week or two for your vacation, why not plan three-day weekends and then you can extend your vacation over the length of the summer.
  •  Do you have family in a different part of the state or another part of the country? Why not plan a house-swap? That way both families can have a change of venue and scenery and save on hotel stays and restaurant meals.
  •  Use cash to pay for your vacation outings. You don’t want to be hit with credit card fees and regrets about what you’d spent on your family excursion.

With a little advance planning and a sense of adventure you can enjoy a fun-filled summer on a budget!



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