10 of the Best Websites to Save Money Online

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With 9%+ of Americans out of work, they are learning to stretch their dollar on everything from groceries to clothing. They are adopting the “we won’t pay retail for anything” mantra and using the internet to save money.

Have you seen the TLC show Extreme Couponing? Families are saving as much as 99% on groceries by combining coupons, sales and reward cards. We asked Facebook friends across the nation, “What are your favorite money saving websites?” and here are their ten favorite websites for groceries, household items, clothing, electronic and stuff for kids:

  1. Coupon Sense is a Chandler, AZ based business that shows consumers how to achieve extreme couponing. The database is a bounty of coupon and sale information for grocery and drug stores. Do you want free and almost free groceries and personal hygiene items? Contact this group!
  2. Google is so much more than a search engine! Are you looking for a great deal on a household item? Enter the product you are looking to purchase and promo code to get links to websites and coupon codes for your product of choice. We searched “air mattress promo code” and these are the search results. Search for coupons to your favorite stores and restaurants and spend less money!
  3. Current Codes isn’t the prettiest website. What they lack in beauty, they make up for in their database of discounts for pretty much anything you might need or want. Browse by merchant, category or alphabetically. Discount codes for pet merchants, ink cartridges and popular stores like Crate & Barrel. It’s worth a look to save a few bucks.
  4. Babyhalfoff.com offers daily deals on items for moms and babies. A recent offer was 56% off Bum Cheeks Cloth Diapers. It’s a simple website with great colors, perfect for a busy parent!
  5. Zulily.com offers deals on clothing for kids, babies and expecting moms at rates of up to 90% off! Registration is free.
  6. Overstock.com: Also known as “O dot Co” is a favorite for bedding and linens. They offer EVERYTHING and we recommend researching before hitting “buy” on this site. Some of the deals are great and some aren’t worth your time to click.
  7. Buy.com offers more than a dozen categories of goods including one called everything else. If you’re looking for electronics, clothing, gift cards and bath and beauty all in one place, avoid the box stores and check out this site.
  8. Slick Deals offers a hodgepodge of deals and coupons including HDTVs, laptops, travel, games, coupons and local deals. The site is worth a look before you head out the door on a shopping adventure.
  9. Ideeli.com is a great place for women to find designer fashions at up to 80% off! Membership is required and it is free. Worth the look.
  10. 10.  Brad’s Deals is just AWESOME! From grocery coupon codes to the kitchen sink (okay not the sink but under the sink storage), find it on this site. Register for daily deals to be emailed to you and check out the blog.


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