Tips for Small Business Social Media

As a small business in a competitive market we understand the need to set ourselves apart. One of the ways is through our online presence that includes a website, blog and social media accounts. Because time is of the essence especially for our clients and the IRS, we find it best for our business to outsource social media to trusted and proven professionals. Consider it the same as you outsourcing accounting and payroll services to BASC Expertise.

Here are our tips for small business social media:

  1. Newsletter: Each month our newsletter is posted on our website and sent to subscribers. The articles and information are informative and timely and apply to business owners as well as individuals.
  2. Blog: Not only is our blog a great way to share information with our clients it is a great way to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. Facebook: We’re posting a variety of content to our Facebook page at least once per business day. Quotes, pictures, links to blog posts and other articles as well as local news and events are effective.
  4. Twitter: Twitter is a great way to share information about our accounting, payroll and tax services. We can also share the latest relevant news from sources like the IRS through retweets.
  5. Google+: We’re excited to be listed on Google+! We understand from our experts that Google ranks businesses with Google+ higher than others. Not only that, it’s fun to be in the beginning of this trend for businesses.
  6. Website: Our website links all of the previously mentioned resources and those resources refer back to the website.

Whatever your industry social media is an important piece of the marketing plan.


BASC Expertise is a Mesa, AZ based provider of accounting and tax services to individuals and small business owners. We are currently accepting individual and business tax preparation clients as well as clients for our accounting services and payroll divisions.

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